What are dental implants?

Dental implants are devices designed to be artificial substitutes for the root of a lost tooth. These are universally used in dentistry today. They usually have a screw shape or threaded shape and are made of biocompatible materials that do not produce a rejection reaction and allow their attachment to the bone. The surface of the implant may have different textures and coatings, commonly used to increase its adhesion to bone. The mechanism of intimate union of the implants to the bone is called osseointegration. This mechanism is achieved by the apposition of maxillary bone to the implant during the healing process. For osseointegration to be successful, it is mainly required that there is no movement between the implant and the bone during the healing process. Currently, Dental implants are the best alternative to replace teeth. Through them we can return oral function to patients in an effective and safe way. Some people call them the third dentition. Dental implants are in modern dentistry the most widely used procedure worldwide, few procedures have been so studied and evaluated in the world dental literature. Dental implants have shown great success close to 90% which represents one of the most successful and predictable procedures of current dentistry. If you want to know more about these procedures, contact us here.