Dental Implants in Diabetic Patients or with Osteoporosis

In the case of the patient who suffers from osteoporosis if possible. This is because osteoporosis mainly affects long bones and dental implants are not placed in long bones. However, some people use bisphosphonates to control osteoporosis. These drugs, especially the intravenous ones, can produce large areas of osteonecrosis. This means that the patient with bisphosphonates presents a slight risk of suffering from death of the maxillary bone when we undergo a surgical procedure. This is why these patients should be evaluated with CTX tests before undergoing surgery.

Additionally, the patient must interrupt its use 6 months before surgery.

In the case of the patient with diabetes, if his blood glucose is controlled during his surgery it is possible to place implants. It is important to medicate these patients with antibiotics and antiseptics before, during and after the surgical procedure.

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