Importance of smile design to achieve harmony in the face.

Since ancient times the care of the teeth in the human being has been indispensable and vital, since these are an essential part of our body and is the letter of introduction to other people in our daily lives. According to some data, dentistry has its beginnings in past centuries, improving little by little over the years.

This is why smile design has become a fundamental part of the life of people in our culture, to relate to others, successfully engage in interpersonal relationships and get work; as well as having a good self-esteem that allows you to fully develop and grow as an individual.

Therefore this procedure has emerged as the answer for those people who want to increase their self-esteem and confidence. This has evolved over the years, since at first there was a very ambiguous concept regarding the procedure, since it was believed that only large teeth were synonymous with beauty.

However, at present, a harmonious balance between a beautiful smile that matches the physical features and proportions of the patient’s face, as well as the identity of the same, taking into account the shape and size of: the nose, chin, is sought. , lips and eyes; satisfying the expectations of the person, making him feel at ease when he smiles and at the same time reflects his personality.

It is known that a beautiful smile is one that is characterized and distinguished by being harmonious and pleasant, according to the face that each patient has, as mentioned before, which is in accordance with their specific features and particularities. That is why the size, shape, position and color of the teeth are taken into account, according to the physiognomy of each person and the relationship that exists between the gums, the lips, the skin color, the eyes, others.

Being one of the treatments that more demand nowadays in the world, because it allows to improve the quality of life of the people, so that they have the smile they have so much wanted, the technological improvements in front of their procedure are notorious.

Then in the smile design various techniques are used to improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth, achieving total harmony. That is why its duration can vary according to the procedures that must be used to achieve this purpose, as well as the complexity of these according to the specialty of dentistry.

Therefore, through the detailed study of the facial structures, the harmony that should exist between the smile and the face is sought, also achieving a balance between the size of the teeth, shape, proportions and color indicated that give a totally natural appearance to the smile; integrating all the corresponding architecture between curves, shapes and colors with an own and individualized aesthetic.

Consequently, this design allows the professional in charge to originate a harmonious development in each patient, according to the characteristics that this has, allowing that there is a balance for a true dental aesthetics that is reflected as a careful art in each curve and shape.

At present, the smile design has evolved notoriously, since the results obtained with it are optimal, together with the technology that has allowed to perfect the techniques, bringing great satisfaction to the patients, since they can have a beautiful smile and harmonious which can look without any complex.

Therefore, there are different types of design to have a harmonious and beautiful smile, among which are:

  • Simple or non-invasive design
  • Design with orthodontics (currently there are different types of orthodontics, depending on the needs of the patient and their tastes)
  • Design with veneers
  • Complex design: This treatment is the most controlled, since, according to the case of the patient, first, a multidisciplinary consultation is carried out that can be composed of periodontists, endodontists, oral rehabilitation and maxillofacial surgeons.

That’s why at Vital we design the smile with the latest technology, so you can enjoy a beautiful and unique smile. Through the most avant-garde digital procedure in dentistry, its main purpose is to return the correct functioning of the oral structures, as well as the harmony and aesthetics that they should have, according to the face of each person, achieving a million dollar smile.

This technology allows a greater precision to be obtained, because it makes it possible to carry out the design in a computerized manner, in real time and simultaneously; taking into account each of the facial features of the person, as well as the expectations that the patient has regarding this.

That is why the process is detailed, since in the first place intraoral and extraoral professional photographs are taken, with support of video capture, these images are attached to modify them with the ideal parameters according to the physiognomy of each person, and subsequently the digital planning of each individual case. With this 3D information, the virtual mock-up is carried out, performing the necessary clinical planning to do it physically in the Laboratory. Once you have the physical mock-up, the adaptation is made in the patient’s mouth to make the necessary adjustments so that the results are optimal. As you will see, it is the most recommended solution for your smile design.

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