Digital Smile Design

The DDS Digital Smile design is a digital process in modern dentistry that is oriented not only to restore the proper functioning of all the structures that make up the oral-dental system but it is also aimed at improving the aesthetics and facial harmony. The DDS is currently the latest in cosmetic dentistry, smile design that allows computerized way and in real time simultaneously considering facial features and patient expectations.

The process begins with taking a both intraoral and extraoral professional photographs in our photo studio DDS, besides making the initial video, these images are attached to the program which are modified with the ideal parameters for the type of face the person and the digital case planning is done. With this 3D information, the virtual mock-up is done and then clinical planning is done, this information reproducing physically laboratory called physical mock-up. At the second appointment we adapt the mock-up in the patient’s mouth, allowing us to clinically demonstrate the aesthetic project designed, so we can confirm the patient’s expectations and make the necessary adjustments in size, shape, position and color his teeth. In this event we take a second series of photographs for the patient not only has a real reference but also have the case presentation virtually and can be viewed from different points and added security.

Finally we will have a third round where we will permanently adapt the design of smile that we have designed, planned and executed with the highest standards of quality, ensuring aesthetic and oral health.

Professional room for facial Photography

sequence of digital Smile design

1. Initial

2. Digital design

3. Mock up of the final result

4. Final treatment