Tele-Dentistry In Colombia

In today’s world, communications and technology represent significant advances in the way people interact and, specifically, in the field of health, these two aspects have changed the way in which services are provided to people.

In today’s dentistry, with the use of the internet and electronic devices such as smart cell phones (smartphones) or digital tablets, the interaction of the dentist and the patient is possible quickly, accurately and in real time.

These technological advances have allowed the birth of Tele-dentistry, which is real-time distance dentistry between a patient and a dental professional. Tele-dentistry allows to shorten distances, reduce waiting times in dental care, improve prevention of dental diseases and generate effective and rapid treatment plans between the dentist and his patient without the need for an appointment in person and without having to travel to the office dental.

Among the dental services that have benefited from this form of interaction are: the diagnosis, the treatment plan and the evaluation of dental treatments over time. By means of Tele-dentistry it is possible to diagnose the oral diseases of a patient who is thousands of kilometers away and in real time. The dentist can be on the other side of the planet and can immediately observe the real images of the dental situation and talk to the patient listening to the description of the specific situation. In this way, formulate a diagnosis of the patient’s oral situation, a detailed treatment plan and a detailed treatment budget. This technology also allows you to graphically and verbally evaluate previously performed dental treatments and thus avoid post-treatment control appointments to the patient.

The mechanism is really very simple, through the use of a smartphone or smartphone the patient communicates with the dental center, then the patient digitally sends the photographs and radiographs to the dentist and the latter issues a diagnosis and treatment plan based on the same and the description of the oral problem. Moreover, it is possible for the dentist and the patient to have a conversation via internet in real time, including image and voice. It is then, Tele-dentistry a very striking and helpful service in today’s life. Also, through Tele dentistry, prevention of future oral problems and review of the treatments performed on the patient can be performed.

Tele-dentistry also has a high relevance in the care of foreign patients to countries in which dental services are of high quality and with lower prices. We have treated many foreign patients from countries such as the United States, Canada, Spain and France among others. Through this service, an initial dental screening is performed using photographs and a panoramic x-ray and we from Colombia send you a diagnosis, treatment plan and budget. In addition, we generate a whole work plan that includes number of trips to complete the treatment with a specific duration per trip, hotels if the patient requires it and even visits and tours if the patient wishes. We carry out a whole health tour plan. We send you in less than 24 hours a complete schedule of activities and a detailed budget with payment plan. Sometimes it is possible to speak directly with the patient via Skype and another voice communication system over the internet.

The requirements for this service include some photographs taken from a smartphone or digital tablet, a panoramic x-ray and a description as detailed as possible of the patient’s oral situation with its corresponding reason for consultation. All this information is sent via internet as a digital file attached to the email using any of the digital engines of the web. Among the photographs that the patient sends, there should be one of the smile with an open mouth and one of a smile with a closed mouth, one of the upper jaw or upper arch, one of the lower jaw or lower arch, and one of the front of the upper front teeth and lower front by moving the corresponding lip with your own fingers.

After the patient sends these files to the dentist, this generates a diagnosis, one or two possible treatment plans, their corresponding budget and in general a whole work plan that also includes the number of trips required, their duration and if so the patient wants an accommodation itinerary. Additionally, you can establish communication via text messages such as WhatsApp or face-to-face communication using Skype or Facetime. Using the tele-dentistry, the initial assessment or screening appointment is saved and a much more precise and fluid dentist-patient work plan can be generated.

In conclusion, Tele-dentistry is a tool of modern dentistry that brings the professional closer to the patient and sets new parameters in the standards of dental care.

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