Conditions for Successful Dental Implants

Several conditions are required for dental implants to be successful:

  1. There is enough maxillary bone where the implant will be placed. This amount should be evaluated with an X-ray or computerized tomography of the bone.
  2. The quality of the bone must be adequate for the implant to be fixed and stable on the day of surgery. This guarantees the osseointegration between the bone and the implant.
  3. There is no infection in the jaws before or during the placement of the implants.
  4. That the surgical procedure be carried out following precise indications of speed and cooling of the burs to avoid the overheating of the maxillary bone.
  5. That the implant be placed on the site and with the appropriate inclination so that the future prosthetic restoration works and looks good. It is very important that the implants will be placed by multidisciplinary teams of specialists to ensure their correct location. Nowadays this is one of the most important factors.
  6. In the end, what is really evaluated is that the crown or the final prosthesis of the patient and the success of this depends, to a great extent, on the correct location of the implants. The surgeon and the rehabilitator must have experience in the exact placement of the implant. Even 1 or 2 mm of error in the placement generates a crown that is not going to see or operate naturally.
  7. The implant must be from a commercial company of scientific renown that ensures the exact anchoring of all its components.
  8. The materials for the crowns must be of the highest quality to ensure adequate appearance and strength.
  9. The laboratory that manufactures all structures for the dentist must have the appropriate technology and experience to handle modern implantology.

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