Why does tobacco stain my teeth?

In the Bogotá Vital dental aesthetics, we know that now more than ever people are looking for teeth whitening options with the aim of showing a whiter, brighter smile and improving their appearance in general, however many smokers are looking to beautify their teeth and wonder how this habit has darkened their teeth. Nicotine leaves a series of deposits on the teeth that cause them to darken, which is why many smokers go to a whitening treatment.

Having yellowish spots on the denture is a common problem among smokers or big fans of some drinks such as coffee, tea or wine. Although these spots can cause problems of self-esteem and confidence in those who suffer from them, as well as other problems related to oral health, it is convenient to know that they have a solution and that currently it is not necessary to be born with a perfect smile to have bright teeth .

Can tooth whitening remove any type of blemish?

This aesthetic dental treatment offers us many advantages, since it allows us to eliminate dental stains, as well as the discoloration that teeth suffer over the years; However, many of our patients wonder what are the specific types of stains that removes tooth whitening, and for this it is essential to know a little about the origin of the spots we want to remove; then we provide them with the information they need.

There are two types of spots:

Intrinsic stains: Those that develop inside the enamel of the tooth and are more difficult to eliminate. They can be a consequence of the use of antibiotics, either before birth or during childhood, for example, tetracycline which is an antibiotic that causes intrinsic stains. This happens when it is used in children under eight years of age or in women who are in the second phase of pregnancy because in these phases the teeth develop in the fetus and are affected by tetracycline. It is important to personally evaluate this type of stains, since sometimes they can only be masked by dental adhesion, porcelain veneers or crowns.
Extrinsic stains: They are usually caused by the consumption of drinks and foods that stain, among which we can find the consumption of red wine, bottled soft drinks, coffee, etc. They can also be a consequence of advancing age, as well as the development of bacterial plaque and tartar, or the consumption of tobacco.
Why does tobacco stain teeth?

The use of tobacco includes cigarettes, as well as chewing tobacco that contains many carcinogenic substances, which can lead to serious diseases, such as cancer of the mouth and pharynx, lung cancer, alterations of the tissue of the cheeks and gums in mouth.

The consequence of tobacco consumption are stains on the teeth, as well as the accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar, this is due to the fact that tobacco smoke contains nicotine and tar, which remain stuck on the surface of the tooth, giving it a yellowish tone. To check it, they can take a clean white napkin, they will verify that if they blow smoke against it, it will remain yellow and that is precisely what dyes our teeth.

As aesthetics Dental Bogotá we know that not only the tobacco or the mentioned drinks stain the teeth, because to use of the incorrect form the toothbrush, not to use dental floss, as well as neglecting the oral cleaning, are direct causes of darker teeth of the teeth. what we would like

How to eliminate dental stains?

When the teeth have already changed color and unattractive spots have appeared, we will realize that brushing or performing a dental cleaning on the dental aesthetics Bogotá, will not always be enough in these cases to restore the white appearance of our teeth, in the if the stains are already deeply rooted. Tooth whitening is a treatment that uses a series of agents that are activated with an ultraviolet light, thus we get to whiten the surface of the teeth.

It is important to know that some spots can be caused by damage to the nerve or blood vessels, usually as a result of trauma. When external bleaching does not remove the stain, tooth whitening can be performed inside the tooth.

Tips to prevent discoloration of teeth after teeth whitening

Once we have undergone the whitening treatment in Bogotá dentistry, it will be necessary to adopt some measures to maintain our perfect smile.

Avoid foods and drinks that can stain: The category includes coffee, wine, tea, sports drinks, hard candy, berries and tomato sauce, as they are foods and drinks that can cause tooth discoloration.

Finally, an important point about a frequent question that patients who seek to undergo a whitening treatment ask us is whether they will be able to continue using tobacco as they usually do without the bleaching treatment being affected, but now we know that Tobacco is one of the factors that most stain the teeth, so we recommend that you moderate or suppress your consumption until at least two to three weeks after the procedure.

In Vital Clinic we provide personalized attention that stands out for a careful diagnosis and analysis that will allow us to evaluate your oral health and determine, according to your characteristics and needs, the best solution to get that beautiful and functional denture, which has deteriorated with Over time. We are experts in those conditions of high dental complexity, since we have the experience to designate a more than effective treatment. No matter how impaired the patient’s oral health is, they can be assured that they will significantly improve their quality of life.

In Vital we are the dental aesthetics Bogotá with more than 15 years of academic, professional and professional experience, so during this time we have stood out for being professionals who always exceed the expectations of their patients. Visit us, it will be a pleasure to make an assessment.

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