Significant changes thanks to porcelain veneers.

Only those who have suffered first hand the partial loss of a tooth, know how uncomfortable they turn out to be the looks of some people, who unwittingly notice that small defect that makes their smile and mouth look unpleasant.Luckily today there are reliable and effective solutions that allow us to recover the appearance of our teeth before losing them partially, such as porcelain veneers.

These are a great alternative to give a new life to a tooth that for any reason suffered a fracture in part of its structure and that makes us see in a funny and unpleasant way both for ourselves and for others. With this solution we can leave behind the uncomfortable image we have when looking at ourselves in the mirror and the insecurity that we project to others.

A person who has undergone a treatment and has had to put veneers in porcelain knows that it is a very simple procedure and that it does not involve any practice that could be considered painful and that could make him have a hard time. On the contrary, it is one of the simplest and least invasive treatments that dentistry offers, but it offers first-class results, guaranteeing significant changes in the way you eat and smile.

And the fact is that the complete loss of teeth is not the only one that causes problems or makes patients feel uncomfortable, because those who have had to partially lose a tooth, also present great problems to perform the most basic and daily activities that we do during the day.

Eating becomes a real challenge because the food can not be chewed correctly, depending on the severity of the fracture, talking also complicates a bit because this space that now has the oral cavity generates a small hiss that is heard with great ease and that can become a mockery for others. Obviously smiling is another of the things that can not be done so naturally when these conditions arise.

The teeth are very strong and resistant, in fact they are the only ones that are conserved after the body dies or suffers extreme burns, being key pieces for the identification of the person. However, if you do not have the necessary care it is likely to begin to have problems that we do lose one or more of them. But the main reason why porcelain veneers are placed , are different from those that may be related to periodontal or other diseases that cause the loss of teeth.

The most common cause for this treatment turns out to be a stroke. Yes, a blow! When a person suffers an accident that involves the area of the mouth, almost always presents the fracture of one or several teeth and these are always those found in the upper front of our jaw. They are the preferred par excellence of accidents. If you walk and stumble and hit a hard surface with your teeth, be assured that one of your teeth will suffer the consequences.

Slips in the pool, inappropriate games, races between friends, car crashes, among many other things, can be the cause of a forceful blow that makes you lose part of one of your teeth.

On the other hand, which usually causes considerable discomfort in patients, is to eat foods or treats that are very hard and that cause the tooth and jaw to strive to crush it. The sweets, chicarrón and any other food that has a very solid consistency can cause the fracture of a tooth in a matter of minutes. It is for this reason that dentists are so insistent that it is not appropriate for a person to consume this type of food regularly. Sins are allowed, but not every day.

However, the blows are not the only reason why the veneers are placed in porcelain , because beyond the fractures that are a functional and aesthetic problem, there is another that focuses more on the appearance and the smile: the spaces in the teeth. These are known as diastemas and can be a real nightmare for those who have them very pronounced. This condition does not have a unique scientific explanation, spaces can be produced by multiple factors and finding a single cause turns out to be an impossible task.

The good thing is that it can be solved in several ways. When the teeth have more problems in terms of position and rotation, orthodontics is used to correct these factors and close the spaces that are present. However, there are cases in which not all the teeth need to be intervened, so he chooses to place the veneers, bearing in mind that it is only the upper front pieces that show the diastema.

Our Vital Clinic offers a completely safe and effective treatment with porcelain veneers that allows you to quickly and easily solve the aesthetic and functional problems that the partial loss of one or several teeth may have caused.We use high quality materials, both in porcelain and in the resin used to fix the veneer to the tooth, which guarantees great durability. Contact us now and discover your beautiful smile again.

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