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If necessary, we arrange a virtual appointment with our specialists via Internet face to face


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If you live abroad, we can send you a complete travel plan according to your treatment and if you want we can help you with the accommodation and stay

Diagnosis and digital treatment plan


  • Photographs of smile and teeth taken with a mobile phone or digital tablet
  • Panoramic radiography
  • Basic description of the oral situation

Dental photographs taken with a mobile phone

  1. Take the photographs in a place with plenty of light.
  2. Ideally, photographs should be taken by someone else and not selfies.
  3. Make sure your cell phone camera lens is clean.
  4. Turn off the flash of your mobile phone.
  5. Sit comfortably and in front of a white wall.
  6. The cell phone must be still during the shot, as parallel to your face, and the teeth aligned to the horizontal plane.
  7. Take the photographs at 20 cm from your face and then, using the editing tool, crop the photo following the instructions.

Dental photographs

  1. Facial photography of open and closed mouth.

  2. Photograph of smile mouth open, mouth closed, right side and left side.

  3. Cropped photographs of upper and lower front and molar teeth.


Front photograph
in smile with
mouth closed

Front photograph
in smile with
open mouth


Smile pictures in different forms obtained using the mobile phone cropping tool


Front photographs of upper and lower teeth obtained using the mobile phone cropping tool

• In order to have a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan it is necessary to have a panoramic radiograph.

• You can get it at a dental x-ray center or at a dental clinic.

• Send it in the same way as a photograph, by WhatsApp or as an attachment to an email.

• In some cases, a more specific radiograph such as a periapical radiography can be very useful.

Panoramic radiography

Periapical radiography